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Our Pastor & First Lady

Pastor Katreal T. Jones joined the Mount Hebron Apostolic Temple, Inc. along with his family at age two. It quickly became evident that Pastor Jones was a unique young man and marched to the beat of a different drum. He grew up under the tutelage of our late Founder, Apostle George H. Wiley III, who he regarded as a father to him and continued in the ways of the teaching throughout his youth. Many times the young men he worshipped with would make decisions that were not that wise, but Pastor Jones would take the opposite route and do all he could to stand.

Pastor Jones is an anointed singer. He sang in the youth choirs, and many times used his gift to usher in the presence of the Lord. He is also a gifted lead guitarist and professional chef. The Lord called Pastor Jones to the ministry at age thirteen; but fearful to answer the call, he avoided it.

As he continued to grow older, after many years of running from the call, he began to see that the enemy was trying to set a trap to destroy him; and he knew he needed to answer God’s call on his life. Pastor Jones once again spoke to Apostle Wiley who had been patiently waiting for him to make his decision, and on February 19, 2006 he announced to the church that God had called him to preach, and he wasn’t running anymore. He gave his first sermon the following month entitled, “Extra Oil”, St. Matthew 25. 

Our First Lady Missionary Jenita Jones is the eldest daughter of our late Founder, Apostle George H. Wiley III and Mother Theresa A. Wiley. She was baptized in Jesus’ name at an early age and received the Holy Ghost at age five. Missionary Jones grew up in the church and was always an example of the teachings of her father. She started reciting scripture passages at 19 months old. She remained apt in the scriptures facilitating her dad during many of his sermons and bible classes. 

 Missionary Jones also determined at a young age to continue in the ways of holiness no matter who continued or stopped. Many fell along the way, but she stood strong, determined to be a spiritual role model to those that followed. Missionary Jones is a gifted bass guitarist, singer & choir director, and brings the choir to a place of worship that helps usher in the anointing. She works as a Finance Department Manager in a medical company.   

We have received many stirring teachings from Missionary Jones when she addresses the Women in our services. Her most recent lesson entitled, “Restoration Has Finally Come”, brought many of the women to tears as she spoke of her own personal

triumphs through God.

Pastor & First Lady Jones were united in Holy Matrimony on May 19, 2007. To their union, God has added TeriAnn Mya Denita, who was filled with the Holy Ghost at age 5, Katreal Hollis George, who was filled with the Holy Ghost at age 3, JeKayla Lily DeAnn, who received the Holy Ghost in our 50 Day Consecration, 02/02/20, at the age of 4, and 

Khloe LaTrese Elizabeth.

 On Sunday, December 16, 2007, God moved Apostle George H. Wiley III to announce that he would be appointing Pastor Jones as pastor of Headquarters; and on August 8, 2008 (08/08/08), he was consecrated and installed as Pastor just three months before our Founder passed away. He promised our Founder that he would continue in the ways that he was taught, to which our Founder replied, “I know you will!”

 Pastor Jones has kept that promise. With his wife and children being his greatest supporters, he is preaching under the anointing, the unadulterated gospel of Jesus Christ. Souls have been saved under his leadership. We were able to renovate headquarters and make it a building fit for worship under his direction. We look forward to many years of service under this great leadership and pray that God will bless and keep our First Family.

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