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Sermons by Apostle George H. Wiley III, D.D.

Our Founder

We are in the process of viewing and cataloging thousands of sermons and teachings by our Founder, Apostle George H. Wiley. As they become available for purchase, we will list them below. These sermons are from the

year 1986 - 2008. Each sermon will have a catalog number which you can use to place your order. 

 God bless you!


Thought for the year:

"Year of Complete Change"


  • Cat. No. 1986/T1 - "Don't Sin" I John 2:1-4

  • Cat. No. 1986/T2 - "Come Now" Isaiah 55:6

  • Cat. No. 1986/T3 - "I'm Glad For the Holy Ghost - I'm Free From Death"

  • Cat. No. 1986/T5/79 - "Women of God Building According to God's Blueprint"

  • Cat. No. 1986/T17 - "The Ideal Father"

  • Cat. No. 1986/T18 - "Let's Count Him Out"

  • Cat. No. 1986/T22 - "The Ideal Father" (part 2)

  • Cat. No. 1986/T28/29 - "Get to the Place Where God Told You"

  • Cat. No. 1986/T36 - "Sincere Prayer is Deliverance; Let Prayer Do It"

  • Cat. No. 1986/T37/38 - "The Things That the Brothers Need to Hold Them Together"

  • Cat. No. 1986/T46 - "I'm Waiting For My Soul To Catch On Fire"

  • Cat. No. 1986/T49/50 - "This Fire Will Not Go Out"

  • Cat. No. 1986/T55 - "A Woman Who's Not Afraid"

  • Cat. No. 1986/T60 - "Shake It Off

  • Cat. No. 1986/T72 - "God Getting Man's Attention"

  • Cat. No. 1986/T75 - "Wise Men Seek Him"

  • Cat. No. 1986/T90 - "It Has Happened"

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